How to Live Life Completely

Life is a journey and the only way to learn anything is to experience it first-hand. Having only one life to live can make this process difficult, as often each experience is actually a first for us (or, at least, it should be...).

Therefore, in order to live completely, one must be in a constant state of fearless acceptance. Fearless because we must be willing to handle anything that life gives us. Acceptance because we are not perfect and there will be times where we fall / fail.

But, this is life, and like I said before : it's all about learning.

As long as we take each moment as it's presented and keep ourselves open to opportunity we will watch as the chips fall into play. Slowly events will synchronize and we will find that life begins to offer that which our heart's desire most. And, suddenly, we are happy.

This journey can be a difficult one and that is why I am here - leading the way. The key is to find balance : a way to integrate all the many facets of living. These six cornerstones are listed to the right in further description (body balance, mind control, emotion, social living, occupation, spirituality and atmosphere). Please explore them and determine if you have found a way to balance the many different areas that matter most in your life.

If you haven't, please contact me. There are a multitude of ways to achieve balance within both your self and your life and I would love to help you discover them. Here's to you finding the peace and tranquility you deserve!

Many blessings to each of us, Meagan Ishtar

[Counsel is fully individual and therefore rates and duration can only be discussed on a case-by-case basis. No charges are made until an agreement is met so please send me your questions and let's find a time to meet and strategize a plan for your full and complete healing, together.]